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Len Foster is a speaker, author and business skills trainer. He is recognised as an authority on referral marketing, business networking, business growth through increased sales and the use of social media to increase sales and brand awareness.

What makes Len different is that he brings a wealth of practical experience to his workshops, seminars and speaking and is an advocate and practitioner of continual learning.

Len has several thriving referral marketing forums in the UK and is also a published author having written Time Management Tips in 2012 (available here) and his latest book “Wonder Words” in 2014 (available here).

His one day workshops teaching sales skills to non-sales people continue to receive tremendous reviews and business skills coaching and training is reaching an ever increasing audience.

“I feel that Len has helped equip me with the confidence and the skills I need to sell my business to the outside world. He is always supportive and I would not hesitate to recommend his courses to anyone” – Tom Parry

Len’s extensive management background was developed in the harsh world of construction. Len is often asked “what’s construction got to do with selling?” His reply is “My role was to go out and win business then build it.

To win business you need to be able to sell. Nobody wins multimillion pound contracts without an awful lot of persuasion and convincing and however you wrap it up, that’s selling”.

Through his speaking, coaching and writing Len has achieved an enviable reputation for developing successful tailored growth programmes that achieve peak business performance for his clients.

“Len’s “sales training for non-sales people” does what it says on the tin and much more.
Everything he teaches is specific and doable. Plus, it works. Not only was the full-day workshop well-organised and fun, the methods learned still help me to close sales on the best terms, to this day.

Since then, Len has readily provided a wealth of advice outside of the course. This is a testament to his commitment to helping others and the true value he offers.”

Sue Allport

Len is not about theory, he is only interested in ‘what works’. In a nutshell; Len teaches simple but effective processes and procedures that help people understand how to win more customers, who spend more money when they shop and are happy to come back more often.

His mission is to change how the world perceives business skills and to encourage people from all walks of life to think and act entrepreneurial and use their talents to create better lives for themselves and others.

Watch this space…

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