How do I Know When I’ve Done Well?

On many occasions we do something and it works well or it’s OK or it doesn’t work at all however we rarely take time to assess our own personal performance after the event.

This ‘something’ could be meeting a potential new client, doing a sales presentation, giving a talk or doing your company presentation at a networking event.

I have a little ritual that I go through after pretty much anything I do that makes me take stock of how I’ve done. It’s simple, takes very little time yet has provided me with personal feedback that over the years I’ve used to perform better.

My self-assessment model is called MLC or More – Less – Change

More – what am I going to do more of next time? What part of my talk, presentation, workshop, sales pitch etc. can I make better by doing more of something I did well this time?

Less – what do I need to do less of? Was I fidgeting when I was presenting, did a few umms and errs creep into my language when I was speaking? Did I talk too quickly, did I create enough rapport with a prospect?

Change – what (if anything) could I or should I change. If I had to do a client visit, talk, presentation, or a pitch again what would I do differently?

My results are recorded on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest score possible. Using this kind of feedback I can continually try and improve my performance in basically anything I do. I can also look back on my notes on a particular subject and see what I was thinking at that point in time.

As I said it’s a very simple way of monitoring my personal performance. Give it a try and it’ll work for you too.

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