How to Take The Hype Out of Selling

On too many occasions we pass off hype as enthusiasm, sometimes on a conscious level sometimes not. To be perfectly honest a level of hype appeals to the imagination, of both the salesperson and the prospect.

The problem with hype during the sales process is that it nearly always exceeds whatever features and benefits your product or service might actually provide. In the vast majority of cases, this is a sure fire recipe for an unhappy prospect.

In sales, there’s a fine line between enthusiasm and facts. Staying on the right side of that line is a challenge but it’s not impossible. The key to speaking honestly about the benefits of your product is simply product knowledge.

Knowing your product and asking targeted questions will ensure you can easily match it to your prospects wants and or needs (always wants first).

Using simple open-ended questions can easily determine if your product is right for your prospect. It also means that your prospect will be talking more than you and that’ll help with creating rapport (think 80-20 rule)
A great way to avoid hype is to commit to memory each of your product’s pros and cons.

I say cons because there’s hardly a product in the world without a few shortcomings, and pointing them out sometimes earns you big deposits in your prospects trust bank.

You also need to point out how the ‘cons’ can easily be overcome as well. Doing this keeps your pitch strong and believable. You may never have to mention your product’s cons however knowing they exist and having an honest answer ready keeps the sales conversation on planet earth not in the stars.

Hype may get you the first sale but it rarely gets a second one or retains a customer. Also I’ve never seen a customer that’s bought hype refer it to their contacts either.

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