Linkedin Profiler – My Top Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Linkedin

As a Linkedin profiler one of the services I offer is to professionally write or re-write, optimise and advise people how to get the best from Linkedin. Creating the right image on Linkedin is critical to how people see you, the first impression you make and how you position yourself. Understanding how to use Linkedin as a business tool is essential if you’re going to get any results from the platform. In this post I’ll share my top five ways to get the most out of Linkedin.

1 First impressions! The old saying says you never get a second chance to create a good first impression and I believe that to be true. You’ll hear many people say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover however, we most certainly do.

If you have a profile that has no image of you, a couple of lines in your summary section and very few endorsements it’s not very appealing to someone who visits your profile. If that visitor is eventually going to meet you they will bring that first impression with them. Only you won’t know that. A professional image and a summary that tells the visitor what you can do for them is a must. Don’t write about what you do write about what you can do for them.

2 Position yourself as the expert in your field. Positioning yourself as someone who is different than the vast majority of people in your business sector can pay huge dividends. Having a link to an ebook or white paper you’ve written is something you should certainly consider doing.

All you need do is to install the Linkedin publications app, click on new publication write a bit of copy to let visitors know what your ebook or document is about then add the URL to where it’s hosted and you’re done. People are always looking for experts so it’s important that you be perceived as one.

3 Be found in searches. Using relevant keywords throughout your profile will help you get found and rank higher in Linkedin searches. You can use keywords in your professional title, summary and experience sections.
Your specialities can be search terms as can your skills and they all help to get you found more easily and your page becomes more relevant to the searcher when they see the term they searched with on your profile.

4 Grow your contacts. You can easily find and connect with people in your target market on Linkedin. You can also connect with people who you could do joint ventures with or form strategic alliances. All of this is possible through the advanced search option. You’ll find this at the top right of the main search box.

Just click on it and fill in the search boxes e.g. the keywords box at the top of the page, type in your country, post code and search radius and your away. Linkedin will show you the connections you have in for example a ten mile radius. You can then get introduced to these people through Linkedin and start to create a relationship that hopefully will turn into business.

5 Join groups. Joining groups is a brilliant way to get your message to potentially thousands of people very easily. There are open groups which you can join immediately or closed groups where you request to join has to be approved. Once in a group you can ask for a first tier connection with any of a group’s members, comment on group posts and post your own content. Always add value to the group, don’t just join a group and post about your latest sale or new product as this will turn people off you almost immediately. Join groups where you have potential customers. If you’re an accountant joining an accountants group is not really going to get you much business.
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