The easiest way EVER to have your own Linkedin ‘All Star’ profile professionally written to make sure you’re ‘found’ by your target market on Linkedin

If no one knows you or your company, but wants what you provide, is it possible for them to find you through a simple search on LinkedIn?

When we create or update your profile it most certainly is. We can offer…

  • A complete “DONE FOR YOU” professional LinkedIn profile
  • Your profile optimised for search terms relevant to your business
  • A professionally written profile for optimum results
  • Make sure prospects in your target market find you – not your competition
  • Make your best ‘first impression’ ever on LinkedIn
  • Your profile on the first page of search results – guaranteed

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

I know you’ve heard that before however…

When you go to a meeting with a potential client, maybe someone you’ve been chasing for weeks, months or even years, I’m guessing you have the good sense to make sure you create a ‘great’ first impression. Especially as you’re unlikely to get a second shot. You want to make sure that everything about you is as good as it can get, right?

An old myth shattered!

They say “you never judge a book by its cover”. To be honest that may have been the case (although I doubt it) when books were carved from tablets of stone, however that is definitely not the case in today’s ‘easily find anything about anyone’ world.

The truth is…

People want to find out about you, it’s called curiosity and everybody has it. You schedule an appointment and the moment the phone goes down ‘curiosity’ kicks in. A quick Google search by your prospect and in seconds there you are, warts and all.

Anywhere you can be found online is shown up in search results. A website (personal or company), a blog or any social media profile you happen to have is right there front and centre. And as Google loves ‘LinkedIn’, that particular profile will probably be at the top of those search results.

The fact is that Linkedin is the 800 pound Gorilla when it comes to Business to Business dealings in social media. Your profile is in reality a giant business card that advertises you to millions of potential customers, suppliers and joint venture partners on that platform. So it’s critically important that viewers of your profile like what they see.

It can go two ways!

The first one is, your prospect finds you, looks you over and is mightily impressed with what they see.
The second is, they find you and… well let’s just say they’re not raving about the experience.

You and you only control the impression you make on others. They’re going to judge you whether you like it or not (remember the book cover thing earlier?) so you need to give them something positive to work with.

At this point you may be thinking?

Look, I agree with what you say about first impressions and looking professional online however I haven’t got a clue how to go about making my LinkedIn profile look professional. I’m on LinkedIn and that’s about it.

Good news…

Think about this, if your Linkedin profile was easily found in searches for keywords and phrases relevant to your target market and looked great when someone decided to take a look at you, do you think you might just make more connections with your potential prospects and or joint venture partners?

In a nutshell

To have successful Linkedin profile it has to pass this test. No one knows your name and no one knows your company’s name, however, they want your product or service.

When your prospect types in their search term and hits search they have to see ‘your’ profile. You need to be above the fold (visible to them without them having to scroll down the page), in the top three results and preferably the number one result.

Take control

If you want an online first impression that ‘wows’ your customers and prospects invest in the very best resources to make that happen.
Bring in a professional media consultant to give your first impression the impact it needs.

To find out how to have your LinkedIn profile professionally created or updated, search optimised and written, simply call 01782 580595 today or pop your details in the contact box below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours or less.

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