Maximum Sales Minimum Selling The Ultimate Sales Coaching Program For Non Sales People

Masterclass Presentation

For many people in business sales can be seriously scary. The very thought of having to convince someone to give them a ‘yes’ can be petrifying. Why? To be honest there are several reasons.

It could be that you don’t have a strong background in sales. You could be very reserved or shy? You may be afraid of coming across as pushy or aggressive?

It’s completely understandable, and what’s more you’re in good company. It pretty much happens to everybody at some point in time.

Here’s the problem…

The ability to sell is a nailed on must have skill when it comes to starting and building a successful business. So many business people fail simply because they never learn the art of influencing others – in the right way of course.

There are two main reasons why people fail to get a yes. Either they lack sales skills or they have fears that hold them back. Of the two fear is the most destructive. Why? Because you can learn the sales skills you need as long as you put in the necessary work. Fear is a different matter.

Fear is altogether different. Fear washes over you in an instant, paralyzing you so that it’s almost impossible to take the action required to get the results you want and the success you deserve.

Here’s the good news – it doesn’t have to be like that. Think about this!

In as little as seven weeks I can coach you to sell with ease and confidence and you won’t feel the slightest bit uncomfortable when selling. The days of the pushy salesperson are over. The techniques and strategies that worked 20 to 30 years ago are dead and buried although amazingly some people still think they work.

My Maximum Sales Minimum Selling sales coaching program will take you step by step through the seven stages of the sales process so that you have a sales system you can use again and again with complete confidence.

What you learn

  • How to find prospects that want you, so you never have to sell again…
  • The secret to having profitable meetings ‘every time’ HINT it has nothing to do with wasting endless hours over non-paying chats with coffee…
  • Why prospects want you as their new best friend and exactly what to do to cement this new found relationship…
  • The one question that gets prospects to tell you they want to buy…
  • The secret to giving killer presentations that DON’T sell, but will probably double maybe even triple the chances of you closing the deal…
  • The one secret that will all but guarantee you’re never scared of closing or asking for the sale…
  • The ultimate way to deal with any objections, in a non-sleazy way that will build more trust and goodwill than you can imagine…

This amazing seven step process will be tailored to your specific needs and we can also address any particular problem areas you have with sales as well.


This coaching program is NOT for everyone. Let me be very clear, only sign up for this program if you’re serious about growing your business and are prepared to implement what I teach you. If you decide being able to make more sales and sell with confidence and ease is for you let’s have a chat and we’ll take it from there.

Just pop your details in the box below to tell me who you are and where you would like to improve your sales skills and I’ll be in touch in 24 hours or less.

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