Sales Training Courses – What To Expect


You may have been on sales training courses in the past where the sales trainer has placed emphasis on the sales presentation, closing the sale and handling objections? And to be fair some years ago that would have been the way to go. However, sales training courses nowadays should be reflecting how things have changed.
In the old days the seller had way more product knowledge than the buyer, that’s not the case anymore. Potential buyers can simply browse the internet and look for what they want, make comparisons, check prices before going out to actually buy.

In the past the sales trainer would tell their audience that the model of selling was 10% building rapport, 20% qualification, 30% presenting and 40% closing. The new era model is distinctly different. It now looks like this. 40% building trust, 30% identifying needs, 20% presenting and 10% closing (or getting a confirmation).

The modern day sales trainer emphasizes that building trust and identifying needs will significantly reduce the reliance of closing skills to win the sale. The modern day sales trainer will teach students the importance of asking targeted questions. Not just surface questions but questions that go much deeper, questions that get the prospect to tell the seller and themselves why the prospect thinks they should buy.
When it’s the prospects idea to buy rather than the seller’s idea that the prospect should buy the situation is entirely different. Asking targeted multi-level questions means you pretty much stop selling because all you end up doing is recommending a solution to a problem the prospect has told you they have.

By recommending a solution you become a trusted consultant rather than a salesperson. You are seen as looking out for the best interests of the prospect rather than the salesperson that will say and do anything to make the sale. The sales trainer of old would tell you that you don’t quit until you’ve made the sale, the new era sales trainer will tell you to first identify if there’s a sale to be made. For example if you’re selling cars and they want cake it’s not really a fit is it?

Sales training courses that teach you to get the sale at all costs will only harm you and your reputation in the long run. If someone has been sold a product or service rather than bought it, resentment soon kicks in and if the prospect can return or cancel what they were sold they will. If they can’t they quickly tell anyone that will listen about the bad experience they had with you and bad news spreads fast.

So, if you’re thinking of attending sales training courses or getting a sales coach look at what you’re going to be taught. If it’s all about closing and overcoming objections think twice about parting with your hard earned money to learn techniques that worked 20 or 30 years ago. Look for a sales trainer or coach that is teaching what works now and have a talk with them.
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