Information For Clients

Prior to the event can you please ensure that you have completed the speaker questionnaire and returned to the booker. Ideally Len is best placed on your timetable just after a break as he would need 5-10 minutes to prepare his delivery area.

In order to deliver at his highest possible standard and due to the nature of Len’s keynote speeches, Len requires the following to be provided for him on the day:

  • Access to the room, prior to the talk, to prepare
  • A lectern or some other stable platform that a PC can be placed on (that has a connection to a projector or screen)
  • For audiences in number between 5 and 80 could you please provide a stable flipchart stand and pad.
  • For audiences greater in number than 80 could you please provide access to and a screen displaying Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation will be supplied to you prior to the event.

To introduce Len Foster please read the following exactly;
Our next speaker believes that a systemised approach to the sales process can dramatically reduce the amount of NO’s you get!
With his talk entitled “Objection Protection” please give a warm welcome to Len Foster.