What is it that makes Len Foster stand out?

This is how Len sees it…

“I learned a long time ago that the most important part of any performance I give is not, and never should be, me. The Only people that really matter are in the audience. If I think I’ve had a bad day but my audience absolutely loved my presentation I can live with that. Next time I’ll try and make both of us happy

It’s not about how I feel it’s how YOU feel and YOU act as a result of my work that’s how I measure my success. What makes me different is that I communicate in a simple but effective way that my audiences understand. I don’t use big Words just because I know them.

I’m not a magician I have no magic wand. However I may just give you something that turns on the light of clarity and changes how you think about things and the actions you take.”

I am frequently being accused of:

  • Being entertaining
  • Giving people new skills
  • Helping people grow
  • Being inspirational
  • Making people feel uncomfortable
  • Providing simple solutions to complicated problems
  • Reminding you of what you already know (but don’t do)
  • Empowering people
  • Making people laugh
  • Helping people develop new ideas
  • Making people say “It’s so obvious I should have thought of that.”

So what makes me different? Why should you pick me?

As I see it the simple answer is this…

My mission isn’t to be sugar coated and tell you nice things like “don’t worry it’ll all work out OK in the end.” My mission is to challenge you, to ask you questions that may make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes maybe even embarrassed.

To get you to realise what you thought was impossible IS possible and in doing so help you to help yourself fulfill your undoubted potential.

Kane Forrester
“Len is a confident and professional public speaker who gave a presentation for our June 2014 FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) members meeting on overcoming sales objections. His well paced and informative talk had great feedback from the members and the committee and I would not hesitate to recommend him for speaking opportunities elsewhere.” Kane Forrester
Director KaneAtron

Gordon Glenister
“I hired Len for a speaker engagement at our Education Day in January 2014 and received great feedback from our delegates on his session which was both informative and inspiring. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a speaker and knowledgeable specialist.” Gordon Glenister
Director General at British Promotional Merchandise Association

Eddie Wright
“Len has done two presentations at the North Staffs Federation of Small Businesses monthly Members networking meetings, Both presentations on different subjects where both informative and very interesting. I have recommended Len to other FSB Branches in the Staffordshire area.” Eddie Wright
Membership adviser at Federation of Small Businesses

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Len Foster winner of the “Speaker Factor”
2014 for Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Member of the PSA Staffordshire
United Kingdom